Monday, June 23, 2008

sticky thing 3...

Ok, I admit I'm going a bit out of order. I started setting up a couple RSS feeds last week and I'm still in a bit of a learning curve here. I finally figured out an easier way to access my feeds - took me a little time to configure my google account they way I wanted it. I have a couple "frivolous" feeds going now but hope to find some good work related library feeds. It's still a bit clunky for me to remember to check on them but I think once I get more comfortable with this it could be useful. Anybody have any recommendations? There are soooooo many to check out!

sticky thing 2...

Watching and reading all the videos and articles and Library 2.0 has been interesting. It seems like many people in libraries are like me - "we've done things this way for ages - why change?" It's nice to see that many libraries and librarians and trying to embrace technology and use it in libraries the way our library user's use it in their own lives. I have no desire to have a MySpace page but I need to learn more about it since that's what many of our students are using our computers for!

How do we make our library relevant for today's students since they vary so much in their needs and computer and information literacy abilities? What are other public and academic libraries doing that we can apply to our technical college library that will be useful and worth the time and effort invested? We're struggling with our library blog - it just doesn't seem to get many hits. Is it worth the time and effort or should it be spent on something else???

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ok, have to admit I created this blog to participate in "23 things on a stick" and never got any further. I've signed up for round 2 today...let's hope I don't run out of steam this time!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My own blog!

I never thought I'd have my own blog...I post to our library's blog at Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie campus, but never had any desire to "own" one of my own.

To take part in "23 things on a stick: a library learning 2.0 program" I need a blog and it's probably a great way for me to become more proficient at blogging as well as learning a ton of other stuff so here I go...